Let Strategy Bridge Gaps as You Build a Leadership Team

strategy as a bridge

The success of any worthwhile journey begins with LEADERSHIP, in my opinion. Would you agree? Unfortunately, leadership effectiveness varies widely in most organizations, for a number of reasons. This is especially true in small businesses with young or inexperienced leaders, inadequate training, and limited “bench strength” to support organizational growth and change. Even experienced leaders can be challenged by their co-workers’ varied personalities, diverse values, family issues, office politics, and more. When leadership is in short supply, added work falls on business owners and others in the organization. The long term leadership solution is to recruit, hire, train, motivate, and retain talented employees who are capable of achieving the organization’s vision and top objectives. Unfortunately, this effort can take a significant amount of time and money, with the stakes being very high in the interim.

When short on leadership, STRATEGY can bridge the gap! In simple terms, strategy is a well-developed plan to achieve results. Great strategy can significantly help a young or developing leadership team by providing clear vision, guidance, and time saving focus. Whatever leadership team you have now, “strategy improvement” could be the fastest and easiest way to boost their performance. Great strategy is essential to meet long term objectives, but is often overlooked for how it can bridge leadership gaps found so often in small to mid-sized organizations. Strategy improvements typically require significantly fewer resources to assess, improve, and implement than leadership improvements! Owners, top-level leaders, and experienced advisors have a critical role in strategy development and are often best suited to this forward thinking, visionary, and structure-oriented activity. Who in your organization fits these criteria? What others in your organization are best-suited for the get-it-done-today, strategy implementation roles?

In the absence of strategy, owners and senior leaders will surely find themselves drawn into daily firefighting activity. All while time, talent, and money are wasted and opportunities get delayed or missed completely. However, with the support of even a few simple strategies, new, young, or developing leaders will have critical guidance to multiply their efforts. As you grow your organization, be sure to consider the critical roles of both leadership AND strategy!”

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LSP 123

Why LSP123?  We believe that Leadership, Strategy, and Process (LSP) are the first, second, and third (123) critical components to accomplish any worthwhile objective! When LSP is properly deployed, businesses, organizations, and even individuals can enjoy twice the results, in half the time. That’s why, LSP123!  

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The Importance of LSP123.  If you were to stop reading now, and simply ponder the power of LSP123, we believe you could be well on your way to improved outcomes. Think about it. What challenges have you faced in life, or are you facing now? What has been the role of LSP123 in those challenges? Whether at home, work, school, play, or within families, friendships, teams, or workgroups, LSP123 is critically important.

The Role of LSP123.  Can you recall a challenge in your life where the outcome was successful? Did it involve extraordinary action by one or more “leaders” who acted with some degree of organization or “planning” and then implemented with a level of methodology or “process”?  Or how about a challenge where the outcome wasn’t so successful. How did LSP play a part?  Was there weak, poorly established or non-existent leadership? Did the effort suffer from lack of upfront thinking, organization, or planning?  What role did the sequential process, or lack thereof, play toward the outcome?

Get More Done, in Less Time, with LSP123!  Certainly, the puzzle of any challenging objective has many pieces. By incorporating L-S-P in 1-2-3 order, you will find that many of your challenges get accomplished much faster, and with significantly better outcomes.