About LSP123

Regardless of your role or organization, your success is heavily dependent on Leadership, Strategy, and Processes (LSP).  We are here to help you assess, implement, and get better results from the:

  • Leaders on your team
  • Strategies or plans that guide you
  • Processes you use to deliver value

Rob Marchalonis is the founder and President of LSP123. His background as an entrepreneur and engineer, along with 25+ years experience as CEO and consultant, has given him deep insight into the power of effective Leadership, Strategy, and Process deployment. Rob currently advises dozens of leaders in a range of businesses and non-profit organizations.

Rob’s accomplishments as a hands-on leader include 20 years as GM and CEO of Stoner, Inc. where he built a team, developed high-value branded product lines, and pioneered business strategy resulting in 15X sales growth. Intimately involved in marketing and sales for most of his career, Rob spent years developing online, factory-direct, distributor, international, and retail sales to accounts including WalMart, Target, Lowes, AutoZone, and more.

At LSP123, Rob uses both classic and innovative business principles. Many were learned while on an 11 year journey to achieve the Malcolm Baldrige National Performance Excellence Award. Others were developed over 10 years deploying LEAN enterprise solutions. All were proven while becoming a worldwide supplier to both small and Fortune 100 customers. While CEO, Stoner was named a Best Place to Work in PA, 9 of his last 10 years. When LSP is properly implemented, EVERYONE wins!

What is your leadership responsibility?

How are you recruiting and training your employees for success? Does your culture reflect your values and a passion for excellence? Rob can help you organize a team, develop their leadership, and get them focused for results. Rob’s “keep it simple” approach includes benchmarking and proven methods to help leaders learn, improve, and thrive.

Do you have a strategy and plan to win?

Are you getting the results you desire? Are you under competitive pressure, perhaps being viewed as a “commodity” provider, or being squeezed in the middle of someone else’s strategy? Rob can show you ways to create differentiated value, have customers pay you a premium, and create a long term business model where you have greater control of your margins, your profitability, and ultimately your future.

Are your processes effective, or too often creating fires to fight?

Rob can show you how simple measurements and a continuous improvement approach can help you boost results and reduce wasted time and money.

Sound Interesting?

If so, Rob would like to hear from you.
Contact him today to learn more about LSP123 or to schedule a free consultation.