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About LSP and Employee Productivity Solutions

Learn how business owners, leaders, and employers can enjoy increased employee engagement, focus, morale, and results. Increase employee productivity. LSP123 founder, Rob Marchalonis, explains how business owners, leaders, and employers can boost employee productivity and results with over 100 solutions and smart Workgroup Productivity Plans.

Productivity Assessment of Your Workplace

Do you have problems keeping your employees engaged? Helping business leaders and owners increase employee productivity is one of the coaching topics I work the most in. In this video, I go over a brief description of some easy-to-implement tools to increasing employee productivity.

Understanding Employee Overtime (OT)

Employees want to be more productive to see your business and themselves succeed.  They just need some help.  Give your employee’s proven systems, methods, plans, and tactics and watch them make much better use of time, talents, and other resources.  So often, it doesn’t take much.  Just a little bit of the right support will boost focus, morale, effort, and results.  Help your workforce be their best today!

Employee Productivity & Incentives

LSP123 founder, Rob Marchalonis, is also the founder of IncentShare – tools to increasing your business success through compensation incentives. In this video, Rob explains how business owners, leaders, and employers can recruit, engage, and motivate employees to achieve next-level performance with smart incentive plans.

Opportunity Math and How Every Day Matters

Business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs can use “opportunity math” to quantify how valuable big opportunities can be to their organizations, not just over the course of a year, but every week, every day, and even every hour.

Clarify Critical Outcomes

In this video, Rob explains how clarifying Critical Outcomes help employees and workgroups enjoy greater focus, productivity, and results.

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