In my experience, one of the most formidable powers in your workplace is peer pressure.  The daily, if not minute by minute, sense by an individual that whatever they do in an environment surrounded by their co-workers, friends, family, and associates will be observed, assessed, and challenged. In the parts of your business where the culture (Leadership + Strategy) reinforces positive behaviors, outcomes, and relationships then the resultant peer pressure could be a game-changing tail-wind.

However, if in other parts of your business the environment reinforces avoidance, abdication, excuses, short-cuts, selfishness, or worse, then the relational pressure to resist or challenge these negative headwinds will be just too much to bear for all but the strongest willed employees.  In that situation, many will just “keep their heads down”, stay quiet, avoid conflict, do what they are told, and be content to just hold on to their jobs and paycheck.  At least for as long as the company stays in business.

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