When I work with business owners and leaders to improve organizational performance, there are almost always opportunities to improve workgroup productivity and results. Among the many ways to accomplish this, one simple approach is to start with the four “P”s:

      1. Purpose
      2. Plan
      3. People
      4. Promotion

Which of your employee workgroups or functional teams do you wish were more productive? Consider your:

    • Senior Leaders
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • Operations
    • Manufacturing
    • Warehouse
    • Transportation
    • Maintenance
    • Field Service
    • Administration
    • Specialists
    • IT
    • HR
    • Accounting

With P4 in mind, I’ve identified a simple yet effective “drill down” process with 12 targeted areas, some (or all) of which to consider for workgroup improvements.  If you would like to help your employees improve their output and results, send an email or call and I’ll share a more detailed 12 Step Productivity Plan infographic with you.

Rob Marchalonis helps organizations and their leaders increase employee productivity so they can grow and prosper. Connect with him at Rob@LSP123.com or 717-397-3444. ©2020