Need Leaders?

Organizational success begins with leadership.  Unfortunately, leadership effectiveness varies widely in most organizations. This is especially true in smaller businesses with young or inexperienced leaders, inadequate training, and limited “bench strength” to draw from.  When leadership is in short supply, added work falls on business owners and others in the organization. The long term leadership solution is to recruit, hire, train, motivate, and retain talented employees who are capable of achieving the organization’s vision and top objectives. Unfortunately, this effort can take a significant amount of time and money, leaving high stakes outcomes at risk.

Bridge the Gap with Strategy

When short on leadership, let strategy fill the gap!  In simple terms, strategy is your plan to achieve results. Well developed strategy can significantly help a young or developing leadership team by providing clear vision, guidance, and focus. Regardless of your leader’s skills, “strategy improvement” is often the fastest and easiest way to boost their performance. Great strategy is essential to meet long term objectives, but is often overlooked for how it can bridge leadership gaps found often in small to mid-sized organizations.

Strategy improvements are typically easier to assess, improve, and implement than leadership improvements! Owners, senior leaders, and experienced advisers can play a critical role in strategy development and visionary, forward-looking, planning and process development activities. Who in your organization fits these criteria and is strategic? What others are best-suited for the get-it-done implementation roles?

Better Planning vs. Firefighting

In the absence of smart strategy and planning, workers get pulled into daily firefighting activity.  Time, talent, and money gets wasted and opportunities get overlooked or missed completely. Even just a few strategy improvements can give your workforce critical guidance and multiply their efforts. As you grow your organization, look for opportunities to fill gaps in leadership, with better strategies.

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