Boost Employee Productivity

Take your organizational productivity to the next level

Your biggest opportunity may be increasing the productivity of your employees.  Productivity = Profitability + More.  Because most of my work is directly linked to improving workgroup productivity, I’ve developed a short list of five strategic initiatives to help clients boost their team’s productivity, especially before they add to their team’s roster:

  • Strengthen your LSP. Improve your Leadership, Strategy, and Process deployment, the foundation of team productivity.
  • Learn from Benchmarks. Find others that perform at high levels to learn from and be inspired by.
  • IncentShare. Share your success with smart incentives that engage, motivate, and reward workgroup performance.
  • Develop Proprietary Offerings. Develop niche products and services to gain better control of your destiny.
  • Market Your Value. Fuel your growth by communicating and promoting the unique value you provide to others.

Productivity first

The time, effort, expense, and risk required to hire a new employee are greater than ever before, especially in today’s tight labor market. Before you add your next worker, consider the productivity of your existing workforce and how much it could be improved. Invest at least as much to help your team become more productive as you do to recruit and hire. Don’t overvalue a bigger workforce or undervalue improved productivity. Otherwise you may just add inefficiency, in greater numbers.

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