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Productivity Solutions

Employee productivity is likely your biggest opportunity. Business owners and leaders, learn how we can help you increase the productivity of your workforce.

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LSP Roundtable

Join a select group of high-performance business owners and leaders who find value in gathering each month in Central PA as a professional peer group.

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Top Questions to Ask as a Leader

To be a great leader, ask great questions! The answers you (and others) provide to this short survey will guide your priorities and next steps.

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We Coach, Consult, & Develop Leaders

Discover how Leadership, Strategy, and Process (LSP) is a simple foundation upon which you can accomplish almost any worthwhile objective!

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P2P ™

My one-page Plan to Prosper (P2P) is a simple tool to help leaders develop a strategy to survive, thrive, and grow!

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Get free Leadership, Strategy, and Process insights to help you coach better, plan smarter, and operate more productively.

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Rob Talks About LSP123

Do You Have a Strategy to Win?

Are you feeling competitive pressure, perhaps being viewed as a “commodity” provider, or being squeezed in the middle of someone else’s strategy? Rob can help you create differentiated value (where customers pay you a premium) and build a long term business model that gives you greater control of your margins, profitability, and ultimately your future.


What Did You Mean by That?

I know what was said, but what was really communicated?  Too often, because of courtesy, culture, or for other reasons, one party doesn't believe it's appropriate (or more likely worth the risk) to share their true thoughts and opinions.  I sometimes wonder how much...

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Peer Pressure

In my experience, one of the most formidable powers in your workplace is peer pressure.  The daily, if not minute by minute, sense by an individual that whatever they do in an environment surrounded by their co-workers, friends, family, and associates will be...

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Definition of Culture

My simple definition of an organization's culture is: (Leadership + Strategy) = Culture Who leaders are, what they believe, how they behave, and their plan or strategy to move the organization forward and deliver increasing value to stakeholders tends to define the...

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Shared Success

Find a simple way to "share the success" of your organization with your workgroups and you can unleash amazing capacity and potential within your workforce!  Learn more at IncentShare.com

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Super Strategies

Super Strategies

During 25+ years as a business leader, some strategies have proven to be game-changers.  Virtually all were taught to me by others, and many produced amazing results.  Here are a few from my Top 10 list: A simple emphasis on LSP - Leadership, Strategy, & Process....

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LSP Founder

Rob Marchalonis is the founder and President of LSP123.  His background as an entrepreneur and engineer, along with 25+ years experience as CEO and consultant, has given him deep insight into the power of effective Leadership, Strategy, and Process deployment.

Rob can help you organize a team, develop their leadership, and get them focused for results. Rob’s “keep it simple” approach includes benchmarking and proven methods to help leaders learn, improve, and thrive.

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