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With most employees just 60% productive, I developed systems to help you quickly find performance gaps and fix them.

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Let’s Talk Productivity

Do you have workgroups you wish were more productive?  Are there significant opportunities your team is missing?  Are you growing your profitability faster than your sales?  Could your performance plan use an upgrade?  If any of these are true, I can offer some help.


Test Your Next Policy Change, Before Rollout

Test Your Next Policy Change, Before Rollout

Have a Big Idea to Launch? By Rob Marchalonis. Before you implement a significant change that will affect your employees, consider starting with a “test” rather than a final decision. If you plan to mess with a person’s “time, treasure, or trust” be very careful,...

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Idea, Hobby, or Business?

Idea, Hobby, or Business?

Questions to Evolve a Great Idea into a Legacy Business. by Rob Marchalonis What’s the Goal for Your Big Idea? Clients, friends, family, and others regularly share their business ideas with me. Usually, the ideas are exchanged in casual conversation to get a first...

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Better Workgroup Productivity – Here’s How

Better Workgroup Productivity – Here’s How

Want More Productive Workgroups? Business leaders, which of your workgroups would you like to be more productive?  Think about your senior leaders, sales, operations, manufacturing, service, or support teams.   Is there one group in particular that, if you could just...

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Launch Productive Employee One-to-One Meetings

Launch Productive Employee One-to-One Meetings

"One-to-Ones Could Be Your Most Productive Activity as a Leader" by Rob Marchalonis. The benefits of one-to-one meetings with employees are numerous, but many leaders aren't sure how to begin or the best way to structure these engagements. As a result, they can be...

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Who is Flying Your Plane?

Who is Flying Your Plane?

Do You Need Pilots or a Flight Instructor? by Rob Marchalonis. Business owners, are you flying with "experienced pilots"? Not in the air, but rather on the ground in your business. Are your top leaders, those who are "piloting" the key functions of your organization,...

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Scale Up Talent

Scale Up Talent

12 Talent Options for Business Leaders By Rob Marchalonis. Business leaders, what talent do you need to tackle your current challenge or project? Do you have the talent in-house? If not, what's your plan? If you are thinking about hiring a person full-time, hold on!...

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LSP123 Leadership Strategy Process. Business owners & leaders, increase employee productivity with coaching consulting training & peer group in Central, PA

Meet Rob

Rob Marchalonis is the founder of LSP123.  His experience as an entrepreneur, engineer, and 25+ years as a hands-on CEO has given him deep insight into the power of effective Leadership, Strategy, and Process deployment to fuel workforce productivity and results.

“Rob can help you organize a team, develop their leadership, and get them focused for results.

Rob’s keep-it-simple approach includes benchmarking and proven methods to help leaders learn, improve, and thrive.”

Rob Marchalonis