Recent Experts at the LSP Roundtable

by Rob Marchalonis.

One benefit of the monthly LSP Roundtable is learning from subject experts and industry professionals. The list below describes some of what the group of business owners and leaders heard recently from guest presenters and then discussed:

  1. Location Location, Location.  
    • How to carefully select where to grow your business to dramatically increase your odds of success.
  2. Excellence in Execution. 
    • Four disciplines of execution to guide leaders and help them convert good strategies into great results.
  3. Hungry, Humble, & Smart.
    • Three leadership qualities that work wonderfully together, but cause headaches when alone or in pairs.
  4. USAF Pilot Prep.
    • Lessons learned from the US military to select, train, and prepare young leaders for high stakes missions.
  5. Inner City Opportunities.
    • Given what may seem like overwhelming challenges, how some are finding ways to reach in and lift up others.
  6. Lead the Way.
    • What happens when you put aside external variables and look first within to develop leaders and yourself.
  7. #1 Chamber Insights.
    • How one Chamber of Commerce gets the highest rankings for business support, development, and promotion.
  8. Spartan Racer Health.
    • Physical and mental benefits of active exercise and the discipline and motivation it takes to race 30 miles over age 50.
  9. Chick-fil-A Tour.
    • Inside look at leadership, strategy, and kitchen operations of the most productive national fast-food restaurant.
  10. White House Chef.
    • Learned what’s for dinner in Washington and how the highest officer in the land enjoys meals with family… and others.
  11. Content Marketing.
    • How the creation, distribution, and management of content is a unique and low-cost way to differentiate and grow.
  12. Scaling Up.
    • A simple yet proven approach to develop business (or project) strategy to ensure best use of resources and outcomes.
  13. New Tax Law.
    • Ways to benefit from the most significant changes to business and personal tax law in recent history.
  14. Employee Healthcare Strategies.
    • Given the huge impact, cost, and emotional volatility of healthcare, how employers can better navigate this issue.
  15. Psychology of Communication.
    • Tune your thoughts, words and expressions so that others can better hear what you are saying, and why.
  16. Crisis Management.
    • Every week in the news, we see businesses and leaders responding to crisis. Could you be next, and what would you do?
  17. Team of Millennials.
    • Visited a fast-growing business that has recruited, hired, trained, and motivated mostly Millennials… with amazing results.
  18. Business Transition.
    • Deciding when, why, and how to best to exit your role and business or stay on and develop next-level leaders.
  19. Grow or Acquire?
    • Strategic options to improve and enlarge your business by organic growth or absorb a strategic acquisition.
  20. Positioning for Purpose.
    • Clarify the why of yourself, your business, and the role for each of your employees to deepen employee motivation.
  21. Rate Your Employees.
    • Mechanism to evaluate employee behaviors and performance to better understand, engage, and lead individuals.

After hearing from experienced subject experts, the Roundtable peer group also shares first-hand experiences, hidden opportunities, lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid. As a result, individuals in the group regularly enjoy better organizational outcomes, financial performance, and quality of life as business owners and leaders.

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