Why LSP Roundtable?

Business Owners and Leaders,

Why take a day each month to connect with other high-performing leaders?  Most say because it’s:

  • Relevant. Each LSP Roundtable is full of current, actionable, and high-impact business ideas and strategy.
  • Refreshing. Members find the day to be energizing, encouraging, and a needed out-of-office recharge.
  • Rewarding. Ideas from the Roundtable regularly prove to be worth five-figure gains, savings, or connections.
  • Uplifting. With whom are you spending time? Are you hanging with others who lift you up? If so, how high?
  • Immersive. Enjoy a rich experience and immersion in other businesses, ideas, facilities, cultures, and more.
  • Exclusive. Share quality time with amazing leaders who you might otherwise never know or access.
  • Motivating. Be inspired by other leaders “in the fight” who are both winning (and losing) battles, just like you.
  • Preventive. Avoid pitfalls and gain wisdom from the trials, errors, wins, losses, and lessons learned by others.
  • Relational. With each meeting, trust and support grows within the Roundtable resulting in rewarding relationships.
  • Authentic. Because members have no “agenda” with each other, they tend to think and share more freely.
  • Fun. The Roundtable is designed to be a highly enjoyable day in premier environments with high-value outcomes.

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Interested?  If so, you may want to check out a meeting.  Just let me know and I’ll share more details.

Best Wishes, Rob

Rob Marchalonis, Rob@LSP123.com, 717-397-3444