Improve Your Peer Group

Expert Presenter Robb Holman at LSP Roundtable

Gain Leadership Support


When you join the LSP Roundtable you get a group of supportive peers, each with a track record of success.  The Roundtable is a monthly full-day gathering of top-tier leaders who are committed to improving their organizations and leadership.


Twelve LSP Roundtable Advantages:


  1. Best Value – each meeting is intended to be your “best day of the month” with a fast-paced full agenda.
    • Enjoy expert presentations, shared best-practices, issue processing, host insights, and much more.
  2. Monthly Experts – presentations are delivered in the morning by industry leaders and specialists.
    • Highly-relevant content helps you stay current. No all-day “issue processing” only meetings.
  3. Two Experts – most months feature two presenters, not just one, who share fast-paced timely content.
    • Each expert presents a different topic for 1 or 2 hours, with time for interaction and Q&A.
  4. Proven Peers – every member of the Roundtable comes with a track record of success.
    • Connect and learn from top 10% leaders who bring wisdom, experience, and more to each meeting.
  5. Monthly One-to-Ones – with Roundtable facilitator Rob Marchalonis and also with other members.
    • Gain from Rob’s experience as a proven leadership, strategy, and process innovator.
  6. Premium Facilities – relax and enjoy out-of-office time at best-in-class locations and environments.
    • Recent Roundtables held at the Star Barn, Montgomery House, Cork Factory, and member offices.
  7. Roundtable Values – Peers, Purpose, Productivity, Performance, Prosperity
    • The 5P values serve as a guide for the meeting agenda, outcomes, expert content, and more.
  8. Fun and Enjoyable – see how developing as a leader can be positive, uplifting, and energizing.
    • Share quality time and laughs with other interesting leaders at meetings, gatherings, and retreats.
  9. Lower Cost – save almost half compared to other high-priced peer groups.
    • Get a premium group experience for less. The Roundtable has no franchise overhead costs.
  10. Rain-Check Allowance – in case you have to miss a meeting.
    • No problem if you have a meeting conflict. Get a courtesy allowance for committing to six meetings.
  11. Money-Back Guarantee – get 2X ROI return for your investment or the Roundtable is free.
    • It’s simple. If after six months you don’t double your Roundtable investment, I’ll refund the fee!
  12. A FREE Meeting – by invitation, come and experience the Roundtable.
    • Is the Roundtable right for you?  Come and check out a meeting!


>> WHY take a day each month to connect with other high-performing leaders? Click HERE for the answer.

>> See WHAT Roundtable members are learning from experts each month HERE.


Still have questions?  Know a business owner or leader who may want to experience a meeting?  Call Rob Marchalonis at 717-397-3444 or email