What Can Proprietary Products and Services Do for You?

Ready to Go Proprietary? Proprietary products or services are those in which you truly have a one-of-a-kind or unique offering! This uniqueness typically comes from one or more of the following: patents, trade secrets, proprietary manufacturing, trademarks, brands, copyrights or other defensible protections. Even if you don’t have any legally protected products or services, you may still have something that is uniquely yours because of your background, education, training, skills, passion, experience, or similarly unique knowledge or positioning. In fact, by this standard we are each unique and proprietary! Proprietary products often exist at the other end of the spectrum from common products or commodities, such as “bread, milk, and eggs” or “sand, salt, and water”. As we all know however, even commodity products and services can be made proprietary, by giving them proprietary enhancements such as brands, marketing, and unique production or delivery systems. What’s best about a proprietary product or service, is that the marketplace will often reward you nicely for sharing it, as long as it provides value! In general, the greater the value you can provide to the marketplace, the greater the demand you will experience, price you can charge, and margins you will enjoy. In addition, the more proprietary or unique you are, the less competition you will have and the more you can develop your unique position in the minds of your customers. Think you have a proprietary product or service? If so, I can help you assess its value, develop it further, and take it to market! Interested in learning more? Simply send an email to rmarchalonis@gmail.com, or give us a call at 717-397-3444 and let’s talk.

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