What is CEO to Go?

Interim Leadership. In the lifespan of your organization, the time will come when you unexpectedly lose a key leader. Are you ready? What would you do if, tomorrow, one of your top leaders (a key contributor) became ill, had a life changing incident, or decided to leave? Do you have the manpower and leadership to fill that role immediately? How long could you “get by” in their absence? One option is to hire an interim leader (part time) to fill the role until your leader returns or you restructure the position, develop an internal candidate, or hire a replacement. In the event that you lose a key leader, we may be able to help. Between our network of available leaders, and myself, we can help you keep your organization up and running with minimal interruption or loss of momentum. Do you think you may need an interim leader?

If so, please send an email to Rob@LSP123.com, or give us a call at 717-397-3444 and let’s talk.

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